Monday, July 13, 2009

Veggie Tales

Our first harvest of the season - it looks about 3 1/2" around. Very heavy for it's size. Add some lettuce from the planter and either it's salad or blt's today....yum.

More Jersey reds- the tomatoes on the patio all had that blight. I trimmed all the diseased leaves off hoping to save the plants. Or at least till these babies ripen.

And lovely baby lettuces that will be thinned tonight for salad. Time to start the second planter. I can throw in a handful of grape tomatoes growing in another planter.

Hubby was cleaning the compost- cold frame area and we were going to toss this but he came up with the idea of nylon fencing to keep our deer and fat groundhog out of my garden. Not pretty but the plants are thriving in just 2 days.

green peppers- the red ones are gone from our groundhog and deer:(

Yellow heirloom tomatoes - yum

The moon is still out this morning.

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  1. Lots of problems with tomatoes this year (sigh). Nothing better than a green pepper picked fresh from the garden. The store variety does not even begin to compare.