Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Russell's Nursery Part 2

Look at the great license plate we saw on the way home- on a NJ driver's car no less

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Russell's Wholesale Nursery

Today hubby and I took a mental health day and went to Bucks County PA to visit a wholesale nursery -yeah. Hubby had a list and I had a camera and a very small list

Look at this greenhouse of herbs -Oh my- at 75 cents a plant I bought LOTS to start planters for winter herbs. I've been drying the summer ones so I can clear out the planters. I also got some lavender and more black eyed susans *VBG*

We did some major damage in the buying department as his packed car shows.....

They we also GIVING AWAY pepper plants- all hot pepper plants we took about 4 kinds for a total of maybe 6 plants. 2 of which are FULL of jalapenos for me to dry.
We really needed the day and I had a great time - thanks Hubby.....He's the cutie on the far side of the greenhouse of herbs :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Sunday walk in the park......

I was bored with taking pics of the same plants over and over and wanted to go to a local county park for something different. I asked DD to go with me. Hubby used to work at this park when we were first married and the kiddies were smaller.......

the lovely DD

Red Tailed Hawk

Walking down by the water to get a pic of turtles on the logs we came across the nasty canadian geese that have only ever lived in NJ. They never migrate anymore.As I was walking they were squalking and hissing.. I continued and they started heading for the water.......

And then I got this shot :)

A peacock....

Bee in the lavander

pretty archway

ornamental grasses

DD - notice the tank top and flip flops, not exactly a hiking in the woods outfit. I still waited 40 minutes for her to do hair and make up "just in case" she saw someone she knew....sigh

a tree stump

tree roots 2

albino deer

a pretty gazebo in the woods

A not so babbling brook....

Then I came home and saw this.....I never tire of taking kitty pics c: