Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Russell's Wholesale Nursery

Today hubby and I took a mental health day and went to Bucks County PA to visit a wholesale nursery -yeah. Hubby had a list and I had a camera and a very small list

Look at this greenhouse of herbs -Oh my- at 75 cents a plant I bought LOTS to start planters for winter herbs. I've been drying the summer ones so I can clear out the planters. I also got some lavender and more black eyed susans *VBG*

We did some major damage in the buying department as his packed car shows.....

They we also GIVING AWAY pepper plants- all hot pepper plants we took about 4 kinds for a total of maybe 6 plants. 2 of which are FULL of jalapenos for me to dry.
We really needed the day and I had a great time - thanks Hubby.....He's the cutie on the far side of the greenhouse of herbs :)

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